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Solid granny square

3 round solid granny square

Because my prior squares have been fairly ambitious, today I decided to get back to basics with a nice and simple solid (or closed) granny square. It’s a one-repeat square, which is always a nice thing!

I used a lilac Järbo Molly, with my standard 5.5mm hook.

For the beginning circle, choose your favourite method, whether a chain-4 slip stitched into a circle, a magic circle, or chain-4 where you crochet into the first circle.


Knowledge & Abbreviation

You need to be able to do chains (ch-x), double crochet stitches (dc), single crochet stitches (sc), double crochet clusters (dcxtog), and slip stitches (sl st). I use American terms.

  • ch-x: chain X chains
  • st: stitch
  • dc: double crochet
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • ch sp: chain space
  • beg: beginning
  • rep: repeat


Round 1: ch-3, dc, ch-2, *3dc, ch-2* rep between ** 3 times, dc, sl st into top of beg ch-3

Round 2: sl st into next dc, sl st into ch-2 sp, [ch-3, dc, ch-2, 2d] into ch-2 sp, dc into each dc, *[2dc, ch-2, 2dc] into next ch-2 sp, dc into each dc*, rep between ** until end of round, sl st to top of beg ch-3

Repeat round 2 until the square is as big as you want it.

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