Melindrea makes art

Blau Katter

Using cotton, wool, silk and other natural materials to create one-of-a-kind outfits and accessories for fashion dolls of around 12″ inches. They are for sale on Etsy, each going up once it is done.

As I will be using a variety of patterns and yarns, each item will be unique. There might be similar ones for sale at the same time, or at later times, but if you want one you are better to get it while it’s still there.


Current models are two dolls from Mattel, one Barbie and one Ken.


The Ken doll is Ken Fashionista Boho Hip, who will be referred to as Sammie. He has five points of articulation, is 12.5″/32cm tall, with flat feet, 4.5″/11cm waist, 5.5″/14cm hips and 6″/15cm around the chest.


Sam, the Barbie doll, is unfortunately not for sale anymore it seems, but this link will take you to her blonde sister in a peach dress. She has five points of articulation, is 11.5″/29cm tall, with flat feet, 3.5″/9cm waist, 5.2″/13cm hips and 4.7″/12cm around the chest.

Projects in progress

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