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Karin Gåhlin

Karin Gåhlin

My maternal grandmother crocheted, knitted and embroidered her entire life, and she gave that love of crafting to my mother, who continued it on with me. My main regret is that I never learned to crochet from grandma, but I didn’t have any interest in crocheting until after she was already gone, and she had been unable to crochet a few years before that due to arthritis and eye sight.

Instead, I am now reverse-engineering several of her old crocheted stuff in hopes that I can use those old motifs in my own art.

She was born 1924 and died 2017, having survived two husbands (Gunnar who died when my mother was four years old, and later Ingemar who adopted my mother and who I know as grandfather). She left two children, three grand-children and four great-grandchildren, though my mother (her oldest) died exactly three months later.

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