Melindrea aka: Marie Hogebrandt, Antonius M., Antonius Marie

Portrait of me with my hair in a side braid. The portrait is in a vintage style

I am an artist and developer who lives with chronic pain together with my spouse and our wonderful cat. I am online a lot, though a lot of times I will more lurk than talk because it takes energy that I don't always have.

Another important detail about me is that I'm queer. I'm non-binary (and while I don't object to she/her or he/him I tend to prefer they/them), and while I identified as bi for most of my adult life I've realised that I'm ace and maybe aro. Thankfully my wonderful co-sinner is too, so we're happy in a more platonic love relationship.

My creative adventures are quite mixed, with everything from water colour painting to digital painting to photo manipulation. In the last category I love to make images that look magical and vintage, with tiny fairies in close-ups being one of my favourite compositions.

This page has a fairly comprehensive list of my various links, where I'll draw your attention a bit extra to my POD shop at Redbubble, my main Mastodon profile (though you can find me interacting with the good folks at quite a lot) and my page at Ko-fi. There I have a tipjar for if you want to support me once or twice, a monthly subscriber model with a special deal for my 100 first subscribers (do you want to be my first? Only $3/month!), and a shop where I sell handmade stickers, print-it-yourself monthly prompt journals and other goodies.