Especially as an artist, I want to give credit to the giants on whose shoulders I stand, whether it's using a particular technology or stock photos by a photographer for my art and featured images. While one of my talents lay in writing things more verbosely than I, perhaps, should, I will try to keep my colophon brief.

Technology stack


Most of the backend work is done with Nodejs, including building the site


Two parts of the site use Python:


This site should work in most browers, with or without javascript, and on most devices. A modern browser is highly recommended (in general, not just for this site). It has both a dark and a light mode.



The stylesheets have been optimised to be valid in all browers fulfilling these requirements:

Two typefaces have been used throughout the site, both from Bunny Fonts using the Open Font License.

Featured Images

All posts and some pages have featured images. Each image is curated from a stock photo site, cropped to the right proportions (3:1 for posts and 6:1 for pages) and transformed in a unified way, using Analog Efex Pro 2 from Nik Collection 2012. While I have a specific set of rules added, a key thing is to ensure each image has the right amount of darks and lights for my theme.